Thanks, and students

July 12, 2009

Thanks to everybody who walked, and to everybody that at least thought about it!!! I said that I would mention our students in this post, so I will. We have two foreign exchange students from Korea, whose names are Do-Yeon Kim and Gu-Yeun Kim. They are both seventeen, and both do some form of martial arts. Do-Yeon dose Tae-Kwon-Do and Gu-Yeun can do stuff with a sword. they are nice, but at times overbearing. It’s weird having other people in the house! As you might know I have a little pink bunny, named Bunny, and she has little dresses. I always look for dresses, and almost never find them, but at the farmers market there were doll shirts that fit.

Once again, thank you for walking.


The walking chalenge

July 6, 2009

Hello friend. This is not a junk letter and I am not trying to sell you anything. I don’t want your money. I just ask that you read what I have to say.

On Saturday, July 11th I ask that you, and your family, all walk one mile. I think that it would be great if every able person did this, on one day. I am sending this to every one on my contact list, and I ask you to do the same. If everyone did this millions and millions of people could all get out and be active, and on the same day.

Being active is good because it keeps your bones strong. When you put pressure on any bone it helps every bone, even as much as milk.
Being active helps your mind feel good too. A study was done on struggling students. If they had P. E. right before the subject they had trouble in they usually did better in class.
Being active also keeps your heart pumping well, which helps prevent from heart problems.
People usually feel better all over when they exercise. If you are interested in what I have said you might want to check out Spark by John L. Ratley, which is all about exercise and how it helps the mind. You could also check out this link:, or this one:

When you do the walk, if you do, please check my blog at, and leave a comment about were you walked, and who you walked with.

Whether or not you decide to do this, thank you for your time in reading this email.

That is the letter I sent out. If you don’t have a copy, you can do it from this. This is the right blog.

A lot of things

July 2, 2009

I am now better from my arm, the cast is of and I am tumbling. I also have now quit gymnastics, in favor of Do-Jump, which is physical theater including trapeze, rope, ensemble tumbling and acting. I am writing a story now, and it has reached 57 pages in length on the computer. I have not written in a while, because I have been busy, and not thinking about it. check back soon, I will be writing more.


Broken arm

March 10, 2009

Friday night at gymnastics I broke my right arm doing an areal (cartwheel with no hands).  It was hanging at a ninety degree angle.  Now “Goals” and “Accomplishments” mean different things to me.  Before doing a kip with straight arms or a full split leap was great.  Now my arm not painful while I get dressed or playing ‘Yankee Doodle‘ on the piano (Think Concert of the left hand and some times left foot) is a great thing. I have bean doing modified Pilates, routines, and kind of stretching.  I also watched a lot of movies including a movie called the last Mimzy about a toy rabbit who was sent through time and space to save the world. It is a great movie, and touching since my favorite toy is a rabbit. My arm is in a cast, and will be for a while. Thursday morning it will go into a hard cast.



February 11, 2009

Dad asked my not to tell about the floor until Oma and Tad-ku could see it. But now they have! So, we have bamboo flooring in the dinning room, toy/sitting room, entry, and hall. We are going to put it in the kitchen, too.  We also have a new front door. Now mom and dad want to paint the walls a different color.  “Frosted pomegranate” is the name of some paint. Sounds yummy. It probably doesn’t taste very good, and is poison, but it does sound good.  Our living room is mostly put back together now, but stuff from the toy room is still scattered about.


January 15, 2009

My family is Vegan, so since we don’t eat any animal products we depend on lots of fruits and vegetables. In the Winter we like to eat a lot of satsumas (cuties), and we have several things we do with the packaging.

We use the boxes for hideouts for my rat, Arie, who sadly cannot eat the cuties because cuties make cancer more likely in male rats. He is a “cutie” though, himself.

For a while Mom wanted to buy a mesh bag for our swimming stuff to make it easier to grab. Then we found out that the mesh cutie bags work, too.

We have a big collection of berry baskets that we where going to give back to the stand. I made a seat for my toy rabbit, Bunny, out of out of one.

And receipts. We get a mound of receipts, so we use them for scrap paper. We right shopping lists and notes on them. Sometimes I draw on them when they are left in the car.

Green People

Of rips and time

January 13, 2009

Rips are when a callous forms on a gymnasts hands (often from working on bars). They can also form from gardening and other such tasks.  A rip is when the friction on the bar rips the callous of.  Not exactly fun. It is hard to work on bars and some other events for a while after you get one. After the rip it is sometimes helpful to use a chamomile tea bag and then Preparation H Ointment and a band-aid.

Time. 11:11. 10:01. 2:22. 3:33. 4:44. 5:55. 12:34.  Perfetion in numbers lasting only one minute. 59 secounds. 58, 57, 2, 1, gone. Now its only 11:12,  10:02, 2:23, 3:34, 4:45, 5:56, 12:35.  Or just plain old 8:14, time to get up. Then their is the time difference. 5 here, 9 there, and 12 somewhere else. Then add the time change.  What if insted of numbers, time when letters, like in Rome? Its T:EF o’clock. Or insted of 11:11 it was VV:VV?


January 11, 2009

Today me and my Dad went to the library.  Now libraries are a good thing. But I think they should have a better catalog system. I was searching for books about rabbits on the computer. The  computer said a book called “The Magic Rabbit” was in, in the JE (Easy reader, though it did not tell my that) sectoin. I figured out were it was and set off.  No book. A librarian said that the book was not at the library. Okay.   So I picked a Holiday section book.  After scourering Valentines Day,   Easter, Some Holiday Books, and Yet More Holiday Books,  we found it.


Starting a blog.

December 27, 2008

Hi everybody. I am not exactly sure how to start a blog, so here goes. I am eleven since the sixteenth of December. I am a level five gymnast.  Err. I am pretty sure that there is more interesting stuff about me, but I am not sure what all of a sudden.  We have not had Christmas yet because of all of the snow. It has not snowed like this in Gresham for thirty years! I built a snow cave in the back yard, but it collapsed.  We are doing part of my birthday tomorrow, because that half of it got called off. I was having a birthday with mom and dad and Oma and Tad-ku. We were going to go to Safari Sam’s but we did not do that, so we are doing that tomorrow. Oh, right I am a Home schooler.  My name is pronounced Da-van. Da-van. Got it?  Davean Devan Devon Bevon Bevan  Dayvonah. Dav-an. Dad minus d  plus van. Sorry. It is just so many times I hear some one say “Hi Devon”.

~Davan~ ~Devon~